Heather smiles. “Good morning! Coffee?” It’s a brisk Monday morning and I’m walking into The Daily Grind at 8:30. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and bakery fills the room. I look forward to that first cup of coffee. Mary says she’ll have tea. She loves the “magic box of tea” with all the tantalizing choices and the variety of unique tea cups and pots.  Molly and Jeri are already there in the “backroom” and soon we’re joined by the rest of the Monday Coffee and Scripture crew. Sometimes a friend joins us and that is always fun. It is so wonderful to have my hands around a hot cup of coffee, surrounded by friends, laughing and sharing. A few want breakfast, but most are content with just a bottomless cup of coffee. Eventually we get around to reading the scripture for the next Sunday and share our thoughts. Can’t forget to end with reading the blessing together. Time to go and I am ready to face another week. It would be wonderful if you could drop-in some Monday at 8:30 and grace us with your laughter and thoughts.


Faith Circle is a group of “faithful” friends who share mutual joys and heartaches, as well as encouraging each other in our walk of faith.  Laughter is an essential part of what we do as we share readings on Christian living, discuss Bible studies and support each other through prayer.  Faith Circle began 32 years ago as the “Young Mother’s Circle”, is now transforming into the “Young Grandma’s Circle”.  We are hoping for another 30 years of growing together in God’s word, continuing to support, nurture, and laugh with each other.  Faith Circle meets the 1st Thursday of the month from September through May in member’s homes.


Grace circle is a group of women who share laughs and sorrows as we study the Bible, talk, and share a dessert.  Grace Circle meets the 3rd Monday of the month at the church.


Dartball is a game, with baseball adaptations, between two teams on an official dartball board.  Bethany Dartball Team is a member of the Reedsburg Area Dartball League.  The co-ed league has eight teams.  High school through adult ages are welcome and enouraged to participate.  Games are played Monday evenings at 7:30 PM from October through March.