Bethany Lutheran of Mauston is a congregation of 833 baptized members.  The congregation is relatively young, founded in 1944, but we have many members at each end of the age spectrum.  In 2019 we are celebrating our 75th anniversary.



A Message from Pastor Gloria Stubitsch:

Update. We will still worship Sunday, March 15th. However, we are suspending worship beginning Wednesday, March 18th. Watch this space or check our website for information about how to participate in worship remotely. (I’m still finalizing details on how that will work.) Thanks, blessings, and prayer, dear ones.

Hi Bethany, Pastor Gloria here. I wanted to take a moment to provide some information about how Bethany is preparing for and responding to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. I am in close contact with the Juneau County Health Department, and your elected Council leaders unanimously support following their guidance.
With that said, Bethany will gather for worship on Sunday, March 15th at 9:30 am. If you have underlying health conditions, are feeling unwell, or have recently traveled to an impacted area, please, plan to stay home. Remember that you can carry and spread the disease even if you are not feeling well. This is a time for all of us to work extra hard to protect the most vulnerable among us.
Several churches in our area stream their worship services, including: Our Saviors in La Crosse, Holmen Lutheran, and First Lutheran in Onalaska. I can provide links, if that would be helpful. I will also plan to post our Sunday reading and a reflection here Sunday afternoon.
For those of us who gather for worship, we will be making changes that will minimize exposures. Please, allow some distance between one another. We will project the service to eliminate the need to handle hymnals or bibles. You may bring your offering forward with you when you come for communion, as we will not be passing the plate. We will only share the peace verbally. There will also be changes in our communion practices. I will help guide you through this.

Juneau County is still considered a low risk area. This is a time to prepare, not panic. I am open to your suggestions on how we can best care for our community and our members. Our Beacons will suspend their visits and reach out by phone. We will do our best to stay connected, and we ask you to help us spread the word where you can.

I have been sharing additional practical and spiritual resources on my personal page. Feel free to contact me on my cell phone with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

In the meantime, we are church together. Consider ways to support those who will experience job insecurity or have to navigate child care challenges. As you buy resources to support your own household, consider picking up some extra for the Community Sharing Food pantry or a neighbor in need. Take the time to make a few phone calls to check in on one another. Please, keep in mind that the business of the church continues even when we are unable to gather. Consider sending an extra donation or setting up online giving through our website. I can provide information to help you do that.

This is a rapidly changing situation. I will post changes and updates here as they arise. At this time, it is most important to do whatever we can for the good of all. I invite you to join me in praying for our church, the Mauston community, our health care providers, and leaders. May this be a time to slow down and focus on the people who are too easily taken for granted. May this be a true season of Lent, marked by prayer, acts of kindness, and generous giving.

And may we all remember that our lives are always in the hands of a loving God who will never, ever let us go. Peace.

Our Mission:

We at Bethany Lutheran Church, Mauston, seek to build unity by instilling hope through


all generations in the practices and teaching of Jesus,


each other,


to our greater community.


Council President
Kathy Marose


701 Grove Street
Mauston, WI 53948

Office Hours
10AM – 2PM M-Th

Service Hours:
Sunday 9:30 A.M.

Sunday School
October –  April

Not being offered at this time